BitSetter Saga on S03 XXL

I have been running a S03 XXL with BitZero and BitSetter for the last 2 years. And digging it (just dated myself). I finished a multi tool job yesterday and thought it would be a good time to try out CM Build 548. I think the new tools will be useful. I decided to air cut the previous multi tool job as a test. Started the job and got a “probing failed” message (that can’t be good). As I looked things over I noticed the BitSetter probe was higher than I remember. As a matter of fact it came out (crap, I have another multi tool job and I’ve broken my BitSetter). I took it apart and discovered a threaded ring that the plunger screws into. Put some locktight on the threads and put it back together. Worked fine today.

But it got me to thinking about all the times in the past year or so that I’ve gotten Z depth “irregularities” (usually <0.010). I am guessing it has been slowly unscrewing itself all along. I noticed when I got it back together, I don’t remember the plunger being so “low” in the housing. But old pictures of my S03 remind me why it is best not to trust my memory.

If you are experiencing Z depth “unexplainables” and are using the S03 version BitSetter, open it up and verify the plunger is tight to the threaded ring. Or not.


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