BitSetter -- use a longer cable to place it further back

If you want a longer BitSetter cable, you can get one at Digi-Key, part number #900-2147502032-ND
This part is 300mm long and a related part is 600mm long.

I found the 100mm cable was too short because I wanted the BitSetter further back. This particular cable enables me to place the BitSetter about 9-inches from the front edge of the hybrid table.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Carbide3D boo-booed when creating their PCB so the cable they supply is a cross-over configuration. To make the Digi-Key part the same you have to cut the two outer wires and reconnect the cut wires to the opposite wire. If you don’t, the BitSetter will give you a “Probe fail” type of error.

Here’s a pic of my setup. The red objects are the wire splices.


Thanks for that idea. Was wondering why in your case you elected to go farther back?

Just my preference to get it positioned more out of my way, mainly. The original position near the front edge is the Shapeoko designer’s preference. Either way, the tool has to make a 2-legged journey back to the workpiece. An extra motivation for doing this was that one of the wires in my original 100mm cable had come out of the crimp and was not really fixable. These type of cables are prefabbed by the supplier; even at Digi-Key the normal order is straight-through end-to-end wiring but you can also buy a custom made crossover version which would eliminate the cut & splice trick but I’m sure it’d cost more.

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