I’m trying to set the bitsetter position in a nomad3 but the option isn’t available like the other machines. I saw in the machine settings “bitsetterEnabled”:false. I was wondering if there is a way to turn it on and hopefully have the ability to set the bitsetter position. Thanks for the help.

A Nomad’s BitSetter position is set when it is first commissioned after assembly, so should be spot-on and good to go, and should not need to be changed/updated.

Please contact us at support@carbide3d.com and let us know the specifics of your difficulty and we will do our best to assist.

I changed the spindle. This is why I was hopping to move the location. The spindle centerline changed, not the sensor. Just curious if there was a way.

This isn’t a supported modification for a Nomad.

It should be possible to edit the underlying values, but I’m not sure where they are, nor how one would go about this.

Thank you. I figured it wasn’t something that would be supported. For now, I just offset the probe mechanically. I was hopping for a little bit more via software. Everything I have seen on the bitsetter for the other unit allow for setting the probe position. I can see where it’s in the firmware to position when bitsetter is in use, I just don’t see where to edit it. I appreciate the help.

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