BitZero alternative options?

Hello. I’m waiting on delivery of my HDM. It doesn’t look like a bitzero will be included. Not a problem as I’ve got several z probe blocks… but how do I connect to the HDM?
With my current CNC (Makerderams EVO ONE) I’m able to take any conductive block and wire it to a 3.5mm plug and connect it to the board. No magnet is needed as the spindle is grounded.
What connection is needed to the HDM and is the spindle grounded? Not interested in purchasing the BitZero if its not necessary.

As far as I am aware, the HDM controller has a BitZero connector identical to that of the other Shapeoko controllers,


so if you need to use your own passive probe, you could leverage those “P” and “GND” pins there. Shorting them will trigger the probe signal. I don’t know for sure if the spindle is grounded, if it is you may get away with not using the GND pin.

It’s probably best to ask for their advice too, I don’t know what the terms are for support when using a custom probe on the HDM.

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