Bitzero giving off an error

Using bitzero for the first time. Front left set in design. set it up with bitzero in lower left, prob lowered inside. when i start to prob moves left, moves right, then moves front…it stops and i get the following message.

here is the set up after it stopped.


It may help to try to have the probing pin more centered.

re-centered 4 different times…same error. i am holding it down by hand so it does not move…which i assume it needs to be stable while proving.

it says to lower the probe just beyond the top of the round hole. any test on '“just beyond”?

Is there anything preventing a good electrical connection between the probing pin and the bitzero when the pin is probing the inside of the hole?

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Do you have a bit setter and is it stuck in the down position? Have you checked the diagnostic page to see if you can cycle the probe input on and off?

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do not see anything that would prevent a good electrical connection…the hole in the bitzero is clean. bitsetter is working properly. the bitzero green light is on when machine is turned on and turns rec when in contact with metal. Support is working on this.

@LWSIV asked where your Bitsetter button position is. Is the button stuck down. The BitZero and the BitSetter are interconnected. So if the BitSetter were activated then it would interfere with the BitZero.

With CM connected go to Settings and see if any inputs are active. That would help give you a clue if there is a malfunction of the BitSetter. If a homing switch is active you could disregard that if the machine is in a position at home. You want to see if the BitZero/BitSetter are active when they should not be. If they are not active you can test them by pushing down the BitSetter button and then touching the magnet to the BitZero and see if they go active. Do them one at a time and not together.

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the setting lights to light up one at a time. have sent everything to support.

support resolved the issue

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So what was the fix?

Support sending out new bitzero.

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