BitZero Probing Change

When using the bitzero v2 I roughly center the 1/4" blank in the hole of bitzero.
Attach the magnetic-ended ground lead to the collet.
Move the bitzero to make contact with the blank and verify the signal.
Select Begin Probe.

When the probe reaches the edge of the circle it nudges the bitzero and introduces an error if not held in place (sometimes one may forget that detail).

This could be easily remedied by probing the outside edges as shown in this video.

The canned macro used for probing should be a easy change I would think.

You are describing the way it works for a BitZero V1. I upgraded to a V2 and always hold the top although I often did that with the V1 as well.

I would be happy to sell you my old one :joy:

I have no experience with v1 however I do have experience with being human and I recognize the need to try and eliminate error where possible.

Other than the electronics change was there a reason to change to internal probing that I am not aware of? Perhaps I am missing something.

The C3D guys would have to answer that.
Personally I find it faster. There were also a couple of times where I was very close to the C limit on the left side. My board and the BitZero would fit but the distance it would travel to the left before coming back to the device would hit the limit and cause missed steps so I would have to re-initialize.