BitZero Question: Non-Lower-Left Zero

Sorry in advance for the potentially dumb questions, but until recently I’ve only used BitZero in the lower left location.

If using BitZero to set zero in a location other than the lower left, is it necessary to configure anything to let it know to probe for Z zero down/right (in the case where upper left is zero) versus up/right? Does the cut file need to be loaded before probing for zeroes?

Also, under the Probe function it includes Side and Center options, but the BitZero has a corner shape in the base which prevents it from sitting level in any location not at a corner. I can’t see why anyone would probe center, since you’ve got to navigate to center anyway to position the probe - just land the plane.

Thanks in advance for any help.

It is only possible to probe for multiple axes at the lower-left (default) position.

If you position a v2 BitZero on any other corner you will need to probe one axis at a time, then reposition it to probe for Z.

For Z only probing the whole BitZero must sit on top. The X and Y the BitZero must hang over the corner whichever corner you use.


Just so I’m clear on what you mean, I can use BitZero v2 at the upper left to set zero for X/Y (let the probe poke the air when it looks for Z), but Z is to be done manually?

I’m good with all of this, just want to make sure I understand correctly.


No, put the BitZero at the upper left corner, then probe individually for each axis, so 3 probes:

  • X
  • Y
  • reposition onto the surface to probe for Z only

Is the V2 a big enough of an improvement over V1 to make it worth the switch? The V1 does spend a lot of time repositioning for the X and Y axis and it seems like that would be reduced. I am not doing metal (now) so having the non conductive base isn’t a big deal to me. Are there other benefits?

I switch back and forth — I kind of like the v1 for its flexibility in probing anywhere along the length of an X or Y axis.

Hmmmm. Now I’m a little more confused. I’ve only used BitZero probe in the automated way, where it taps each side within the circle and then taps the top. I’m not sure how to do that manually, unless I’m just jogging the probe until it touches the edge and triggers the light (X Zero = west edge, Y Zero = south edge).

Is that all there is to it?

Normally I set zeros manually at center, or with BitZero at the lower left, but I’m practicing doing some flip pieces, so I’m experimenting with setting zero at the same corner using BitZero for consistency in position.

Thanks again.

Please see the documentation and the positioning images in the software.

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