BitZero V2 Functionality

I am about to buy the BitZero V2 for my XXL.

Two questions:

The first is that i am buying this specifically to set origins at something other than bottom left. Does the BitZero V2 do this?

Second, I am unsure how this will connect to the shapeoko. Will it be compatible with my device?



It will connect to the Probe (“P”) connector on your controller’s riser board


Julien do you mean the floating board that is currently in use for the v1 BitZero and BitSetter or on machines with proximity switches you have a new riser board.

It’s a probe…connect it to whatever probe connector you have available.

The picture of the BitZero V2 in the store shows a different plug, is that the picture of the one that comes with the Nomad and the Store one actually comes with the standard three pin connector like the original BitZero?

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Received mine couple days back. Plugged into same 4 pin as the old bitzero on my XXL.


I can’t seem to find any instructions online for the BitZero V2 - the link in the shop page goes to the V1. Are there instructions online that I’m missing? Thanks!

I’m not sure there are any v2-specific instructions out yet, but Winston’s video covers the workflow at that timestamp:

You will need to have installed the latest carbide motion release, which I think has the code/screens for the bitzero v2. My machine is busy doing something else right now, I’ll check if this is indeed the case when the job is finished.


The latest release does have it. When I was having my homing issues with the v1, I was checking out the drop downs for v2.

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Here is the new Bit zero 2.0 plug

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You have to remove the cover from the controller and there you will find the Bitzero connection on the board.


Watch the above video even though it is for the Nomad the steps are the same you just need to select Shapeoko Pro in the drop down menu.:wink::+1:

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