BitZero V2 with VFD Spindle or Carbide ER-11 Compact Router

As a companion to the BitZero, what do you all think of this? It is a solid ER 11 with a .250" distal end. It is precision ground with less than .0002" TIR. No more looking for the dowel pin and finding the correct collet. No fumbling to hold the pin in the collet while trying to tighten the nut. Chances are, if your spindle bore is clean and in good shape, finger tight will be enough to seat the taper’s together. What, no wrench? I am not trying to sell this. That’s not what I do. It’s a product idea for Carbide 3D but only if you all think it would be useful.


As a future owner of the C3D VFD, color me intrigued.

This can be designed to fit any router spindle.

That is a great idea!

New idea that might be a bit less expensive but just as accurate. This is an ER11 heat shrink collet with a 1/8" pin. At the full projection length it has .00036" TIR.

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I thought I liked chasing zeros…but I concede the zero hat to it’s new rightful bearer!

These are awesome.

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LMBO :rofl: Hoping it gets a little traction at C3D.

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