Bitzero V2 work flow

Still getting used to using it. One issue I have is forgetting to attach ground wire. Then probing fails and you have to reinitialize the machine, waiting for machine to home then moving back to where you started from. Could we have a button on failure box to just restart probing or rehome? It is still close to where zero is going to be any way.


I agree entirely that a probing fail is not a hard error. There’s no need for CM to restart itself.

This would help Raspberry Pi compatibility too.

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Cant help you remember but I ordered a magnetic clamp from etsy for my BitZero. I could have made one but the one I ordered is $20.00 and it is done. Just waiting on delivery.

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They come standard with magnets now, which sticks to every piece of metal it can.

I have a V1 and it had the alligator clip. Are the V2 the ones with magnets now?

I was so tired of the alligator clip flying off that is why I decided to get the magnet one. Just as the bit would approach the BitZero the clip would fly off, perfect timing.

Yes, the BitZero v2s now use a magnet standard — it’s a pretty easy mod, or you can just clip the clip to a magnet, or clip the clip to a larger clip (which is what I did).

If you every upgrade to a spindle, then you don’t need the clip at all since the spindle is grounded. This is quite convenient.

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