BitZero V2 X and Y probing question

Hi I have question about the BitZero V2 and how it works with regards to probing just x or just y. IE not the corner.

The BitZero is out of stock and I have been waiting for them to come in. In the mean time I found the manuals and read them. Setting XYZ on the corner seems straight forward for both however I don’t make just cutting boards, I use a lot of recycled wood. I use a inset corner or the center cross hair as zero. No nice corner reference.
The BitZero V1 is about the same as V2 for probing a corner, looks great. However If you are doing just the X or just the Y, For the V1 you place the edge of the probe at your X zero mark or edge and let it probe. Same for Y. It probes X and Y independently with no offset calculation, unlike when it probes the corner. Perfect

The V2 It is completely different for X and Y and it basically says in the manual for all methods you have to put it on the corner of your work and put the bit in the hole to probe x or y. But I don’t have a corner ??? I have marks in the center, or I have a Y edge but no X edge as I am repeating a job down the length of a board.

So the question is how do I set the probe to crosshairs or set it to just one edge when I don’t have a corner. V1 can do this and V2 is suppose to be better :slight_smile: I guess I could turn the V2 upside down and probe it with the V1 method. LDK I do need the accuracy of a probe so eyeballing is not an option.

After reading both manuals I think V1 is better option for me, V2 is cool though :slight_smile: however I dont believe the sell V1 any more. Did I miss understand something ? Did the Manual miss something ?

As I said I don’t have a V2 yet as they are sold out, So before I spend $120.00, I need to know if it will work for me or do I give up on CM.

I don’t understand why CM restricts you to a proprietary probe and method. It seem a bit out of character to me. Cant they provide a 3rd and possibly 4th probe option that uses a simple xyz offset. Why be so restrictive

I have no regrets on purchasing the machine however the more I use CM the more I am looking to change it out. CM has great workflow that I would love to use however it seems I keep running into silly limitations.

Thanks in advance,

The v2 position at a corner for probing a single axis is done to allow it to be done so as to be independent of endmill diameter so as to be consistent for other v2 operations.

If you wish to lie to the machine, you can tell it you have a v1, set the endmill diameter when probing, and position along an edge and probe for only X or Y and this will work — I’ve done it, but it’s not something which we officially support.

This was the first accessory I purchased for my Shapeoko 3 XL and it has worked flawlessly. A 3rd party alternative to the Carbide3d V1 BitZero.

BitZero from Dog River Tools

I modified the connector to use a rare earth magnet instead of the alligator clip.

When I added a BitSetter I mounted the splitter PCB on the outside of the controller board case. The modification for that is on here - BitSetter Splitter PCB Enclosure


Thanks Will. Yes I perfectly understand why the V2 is the way it is and that is a very cool method. What I don’t understand is why we gave up functionality for cool and have limited the people that can use CM now. :slight_smile: And I cant buy a V1. So the expensive, more limited one is the only choice now. :frowning: I am sure there are lots of people that don’t have a nice corner to use on ever project. And I am just saying that this has limited the functionality for CM and may push people to an alternative. it has for me. it a sad day :frowning:

My suggest was to simply add a 3rd option for a xyz offset that you set in set up.
Therefore you can pick one of the fancy tools :slight_smile: or simply use the programable xyz option when needed. And now you are not having to do a work around or lie to the machine :).
I hope you find this feedback useful for future consideration :slight_smile:

Hi, Thanks very much for that.

Since the BitZero is sold out with no ETA, could someone provide the dimensions of the V2 so I can cave a temporary wood and tin foil one to use while I wait :slight_smile: Thanks

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