Black Friday 2018?

Just wondering if Carbide will be offering any Black Friday deals for 2018?


I am wondering the same! Hopefully something great.

I emailed them asking a couple of days ago and they replied that they are having Black Friday sale. They just didn’t specify what it might be.

I personally figure any Black Friday sale should be approached like acquiring a Shapeoko Touch Probe, i.e. with patience, determination, and a well-worn refresh key. :sweat_smile:

I don’t yet have a Shapeoko (XL), but as for the hard-to-catch Shapeoko Touch Probe, well… We were catching up on sleep after an overnight drive and a full day watching a Blue Angels airshow. I just happened to wake up, so of course, the first thing I did was to quietly check the Carbide 3D store… and it didn’t have the “email me” button? Wait, did they…? Oh, no! I quickly refreshed my also handy MatterHackers tab, and Woo-hoo! I got the third from last just before they too sold out again. :sunglasses:

I now have my touch probe, my dust collection cyclone setup, threaded inserts for part of my workholding (with some T-track likely to join it), a Suck-It Dust Boot on order, et cetera, and I’m pondering whether I’d appreciate a Beaver CNC Easy-Tram. Well, anyway, back to playing around in Fusion 360… on the CAD side for my 3D printer, obviously – my not yet present Shapeoko doesn’t have me completely besotted… yet. :joy:

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Yes, you will. Unfortunately, you won’t know how much you appreciate it unless you don’t have it.

So, it’s basically like a kayak/canoe roof rack, a receiver hitch bike rack, or a drysuit for cold scuba dives. Sure, you can save a bit by doing without, but once you go there, you wonder why you didn’t make your life better sooner. Well, simple geometry already had my engineering self convinced on the Easy-Tram, and I do have a roof rack, receiver hitch, and drysuit… I guess this house wouldn’t be too unsettled if a couple more eccentric nuts join me.

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…well you had that one called!

The sale is a probe and free shipping!

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I’m not sure if I have this right. Is the black Friday sale already known? From what I read here, it is a free touch probe and free shipping. Is that right? If not, how do I find out what black Friday sales they have? Do Io just go to the main page on Friday, and it will be on there?

Yes, see:

I just purchased an xxl with router. Thanks for the clarification. I am one excited 53 year old man!


As a owner of a Shapeoko XXL for 18 mos. I think that if you are going to give away something like ( touch probe) that you did not offer when customers bought there unit. Then it might be a nice thing to offer some sort of a discount on the touch probe now. Just my opinion.
Jeff Peters


For current customers (and admittedly new ones), we are offering 15% off on endmills.

I wasn’t involved in the decision to offer Probes (way above my paygrade), but my suspicion is that the decision was made based on trying to:

  • be competitive — have to offer some sort of sale to be relevant when everyone is offering a sale
  • bring in new customers
  • work around the problem of Probe availability and extract maximum revenue from the limited stock
  • not compete w/ or distract from sales offered by our resellers

Offering a discount on the Probe probably wouldn’t be well received by folks who paid full price for them.

It would be nice to work up a way to reward existing customers, but it has to be something easily done without costing a fortune in terms of employee effort, or upgrades to our shopping cart system. Folks who have ideas / suggestions / concerns should write in to

I ordered mine a little early missed the free Touch prob buy three days .:weary::weary:

Ordered mine Monday afternoon and it is to be delivered on Tuesday. Got the XXL with Dewalt router, Touch Probe and 1/8” Collet. I am one happy 61 year old. I wasn’t expecting shipment until Tuesday or Wednesday. Been out camping for the holiday and need to get back so I can get my table built for it.
Thank you Carbide 3D. You guys are great. Really looking forward to my first cut.


Ordered a XL for my son and I. Hope to get it before this next weekend cause I don’t have time during the week.


I say the promotion worked. I was on the fence when it came down to CNC routers, this free touch probe got the sale, not to mention a handful of new bits as well to add to my new XL.


Got my XXL today, a day earlier than expected. Still have to make my table for it.


Woo-hoo! My XL is rolling! It’s going to outrun my Suckit Dust Boot, but my table, et al, should be build-ready.

I can hardly wait to see how well my replacement for the MDF wasteboard comes together. My currently-planned design, if it works out, should be roughly analogous to adding the Carbide 3D T-track kit to the stock MDF wasteboard, but with more track and without any wood or MDF. (Louisiana loves to throw around truly oppressive amounts of humidity, and using materials that are stable in the face of that onslaught seemed like a nice idea.)

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Im still waiting on tracking or a shipping notice. With luck, they are as buy as I am here after BF orders.

Dont even have a spot to put the XL in, but thats just a small detail…

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