Black Friday Sales up!

I didn’t see it announce here yet, but I’ve seen the blog and Instagram posts.

Full details here:

I asked Winston for help but he just mumbled about speeds and feeds and chiploads.

Seems pretty on brand for @wmoy :stuck_out_tongue:

Main takeaway is everything (except machines and Amana bits) have a 15% off. Which is pretty neat, BUT! Only lasts while things are in stock. So order soon!

Also ordering a Shapeoko will net you a router, and a bitsetter for the shapeoko.

Things show up when you place them in your cart. (I checked, since I wanted to order some stuff before I told everyone else about it). Also the shirts included on this.

And something of note for Nomad 3 owners:
We’re going to be including Alibre Workshop with all Nomad 3 purchases in the near future (including people who’ve already purchased) so don’t buy that if you’re buying a Nomad 3.


My understanding is the Pro doesn’t include a free router.


Good catch! @Julien can you edit my post? I should’ve copy pasted instead of summarizing.


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