Blender 2.8 with new interface released

Announcement here:

One person on the Tablet PC Review forums found it a marked improvement.

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Will, how about a simple tutorial for using blender to get a 3D object into Carbide Create? That would be cool and useful!

The only way I can think of to manage that would be to model a surface in Blender, export it as a greyscale depthmap representation, then import that into Carbide Create as a texture.

Not sure if Carbide Create will gain the ability to import STLs (probably not since that would compete with MeshCAM).

Just use FUSION 360
It’s free for start use.

Autodesk Fusion 360 only works for folks who think having a monoculture is a good idea.

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I’ve had good experience with and many have been very help with the grind of learning the 3D modeling aspects of it.
VETRIC has also been fantastic software for venturing into 3D models with great assistance from them and other beginners.
I’d say Vetric is an easier platform but I enjoy FUSION and the challenge…

I’ve enjoyed the learning process and still have a long way to go. Monoculture? You’ll have to explain that one…:wink:
I see Carbide Create is adding a 3D modeling capability as I’ve seen in the few videos that have been released. Not much info on its full potential yet that I can find .
Will we be able to import a sketch say an svg and extrude it into space, and use a type of constraint structure to eventually end with a 3D model we can tool path?

Vectric worked well for the one project I bought it for, but haven’t had occasion to use it since.

By essentially making Fusion 360 free, Autodesk makes it more difficult for any sort of competing software to be developed — it’s hard to compete with free offered by a large corporation — folks do it (witness Carbide Create Pro), but there’s less new software available now than in the past, and a number of small companies have bowed out.

For what it’s worth, at least unlike Dassault, Autodesk is on record as saying that the licensing for Fusion 360 won’t change.

For Carbide Create Pro, please see the other threads and check in w/ @robgrz, @edwardrford, and @Jorge

For my part, I’d rather work things up on my own and fully understand things, and not be limited by what some developer has chosen to develop (or not to develop):

(which is why I use TeX rather than Adobe InDesign or Quark XPress).


MeshCAM is a good app for what it is designed for. It is simple to use, and seems conservative enough to be relatively safe. I appreciate that it creates tool paths from polygon mesh models, I think that is uncommon. That it is able to export files for CNC Milling from Blender is very useful for some applications.

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