Blew up my router “Old Glory”

Spent the weekend making a flag for a going away gift. Got half way through cutting the maple star inserts and POP!!

Had fireworks come out of the carbide router and a bang and officially seized to exist. Not a bad router though!!! Thing last 1 1/2 years of constant running.

Cheers and getting ready to order a new one. A 4th of July present :gift:

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Did you check the brushes? (we should have included two pairs or spares)

If you can’t wait for shipping, a Makita RT0701 is a drop-in replacement (albeit w/ a shorter cord and different control layout) — uses the same collets, bearings, brushes, motor, motor housing.

If the unit is in warranty (12 months) or we didn’t include brushes, let us know at

Perhaps your router was particularly patriotic and sacrificed itself to celebrate the day? :wink:


The flag look great. You had said you were making the maple stars. So did you decide to just use the carved out stars or will you make the maple stars and insert them. Second question is the plaques are they applied to the flag or are they carved in. Looks like you added them to the surface of the flag.

PS. I think the stars look quite nice as they are just carved in the walnut.

Very nice work! I’m sure the Colonel will appreciate it.

@WillAdams the replacement brushes fixed it! I took a step back for a couple of days and finally took some time to replace them and fired up no issues. I’m going to take the weekend and give some much needed TLC maintenance to my machinery. Thanks!!!

@gdon_2003 the emblems were carved and placed into the flag at a depth of about .3”. I wanted to make sure I had .25 sticking out. I ran out of time so the maple stars didn’t make it. The customer actually liked the carved look better rather then the maple stars.

Final outcome: