Blue fixing wax

Wasnt sure where to post this.

Anyhow, I keep seeing this blue fixing wax being used and It looks like just the ticket for some 0.8km silver and aluminium i want to machine. However where can I find this stuff in the uk? Anything similar in the uk?

I have tried double sided and it warped my piece when I went to remove it. I have considered blue tape medium adhesion with some CA glue. But this wax just looks spot on.

Cheers guys.

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Look for machinable wax.
Looks like Carbide3D has it also.


Is this the same stuff?

Not really sure. How about Mitee Grip?

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I also just remembered this:
This is from one of the more advanced Shapeoko owners. This might be exactly what you want. he uses hot glue.

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