Blue Lock Tight On Assembly

Good Morning, finally after what seemed like forever, my pro 5 came in and is sitting in my shop.
I have a silly question for yas all. Should I concider using blue lock tight on all my screws when i get to assembling our machine.

Have a great day folks, and stay on the sharp side… lol :laughing:



There are three schools of thought on threadlock:

  • use it on any fastener which does not need to be adjusted
  • use it on any fastener which has vibrated loose when reinstalling it
  • a properly torqued mechanical connection should not need chemical assistance
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I considered it but ultimately decided not to use any. I used a red paint pen and drew a line on the head of the fastener and on whatever part of the machine it is threaded into. That way a quick visual inspection week show if the head had moved. I’ve had a few fasteners fall out, but they where factory installed. I put blue lock tire on those when I reinstall.


Great advice here, thanks guys.

There are various brands of thread locker. Some are blue, some are red, some are pink. Which ever brand you get make sure it is removable. Permanent types require heat to remove and a Shapeoko and heat do not mix well. Removable types are ok but when you get to really tiny screws/set screws be careful because you can strip out the heads with any type of thread locker. Larger cap screws are ok but tiny ones can be problematic to remove with any product.

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