Blue Wax Issues

Hi there,
Finally have the engraving issues worked out. Now working on holding things down. I engrave first with an engraving bit, and then cut with a tiny endmill.

The tape is not firm enough for what I am doing–it moves. I am trying the wax. It holds up fine for the engraving, but then when I go to cut, it is moving during the last pass, destroying the charm. I am using the bit manufacturer’s recommended feed of 15" min and plunge of 5" per min. Is this heating up the metal so much that it is melting the wax, causing it to release, perhaps??

Depending on the size of the part the tape and superglue method may work for you.

I used it and was very impressed.

I used some extra sticky tape designed for masking brick and it was actually too much hold. I think the regular blue tape would work fine.


I have found on particularly small surface area parts (which sounds like the equivalent of your charm) that both the amazing tape/superglue and the blue wax just can’t provide the necessary holding power. A combination of direct superglue to another metallic surface and taking it very easy on feeds and speeds works for me most times. A photo of what you are doing might help for work holding suggestions!

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One more thought. If the charm is pulling free on the last cutting pass you can try adding tabs of material between the charm and the rest of the stock material which have to be manually cut later.

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My charms range in size from 3/8" up to 1 x 2.5". I have blue tape and super glue. Will try this!

Here’s a totally ridiculous solution … I saw the price, and really did laugh out loud.

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