Blue wax melting problem

Hi, where can I get the endmill number 20, 0,02” ? I am trying to do a necklace with the Nomad 3D but the wax melts and it makes my metal move. How do you proceed to not let the metal move? My metal is 1mm of thickness. I am trying on brass before using silver.

I use blue tape and CA Glue when i mill jewellery.

Your question on end mill depends on where you live. 0.5mm bits can be bought from APT tools in the UK.


You could use a piece of aluminium as a base for machining. It will wick away heat and keep the wax solid.

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I’d be interested in knowing the surface area of your wax. I’ve used a bit of blue wax in brass and aluminum but I’ve never had this problem.

Some folks try to get away with a few small puddles to act as the hold down but in my experience with this stuff, “the bigger the glob, the better the job” tends to apply :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am using the MDF wasteboard and apply the blue wax and then the brass of 1mm.

What endmills do you used to make name necklace on 1mm or 1.2mm and what is your setting on your toolpath?

I mainly use 0.2, 0.4 end mills for engraving. I havent got my feeds and speeds with me, but i’m usually very conservative and go for 60% those advised by my HSM calculator.

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0.2 end mill 48mm/min, 0.013mm DoC. Like i say conservative.

1mm end mill, 120 mm/min, 0.05 mm DoC


I have had issues with heat during longer jobs regardless of the amount of wax, conservativeness and surface beneath.
At least using the chip-fan. It blows the extremely hot air from the spindle and motor down on the part and melts both wax and superglue.

The Super Hold Kit is my go to for thin metal cutting. I use it all the time for brass sheets for jewelry.
It can be seen in action here: Brass Keychain

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