Boat Cleat Double Sided Milling

Found this boat cleat in a 2x4. First time using VCarve for double sided operation. Going to add some draft angles and try again. Mostly default settings with a cheap 1/8" ball end mill.

I have big plans for the boat cleats in the future so hopefully I can get this process down so I can move to fancier woods.


How long did these take you?

About 35 minutes a side. I didn’t try to optimize anything I am just learning the double sided software in VCarve. The If i put in a .25" ball end mill I am sure i could knock off time but i don’t know if it would be worth it for me to do the tool change. when i make more i will work that into the equation.

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Really interesting. I have been eyeing up a Nomad for a while to make prices like this

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I can see some dowels in your version. I was watching some videos on double sided milling, does it work well?

Yes worked very well. Since it was a test cut on a 2 x 4 i didn’t surface the material flat which on the final product will be a very important step. I probably will use the machine to do that work as well.

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