Book displays for my wife's 7-8th grade classroom

My wife teaches language arts to 7th and 8th graders. She asked for a book cart which morphed into a tabletop book display, one for each of her four classes, so a student could curate a bunch of books each week.

12mm baltic birch
Design in OnShape
Added chamfers as a post processing operation

Carbide Create files:
BookStandE-B.c2d (111.0 KB)
BookStandE-AD.c2d (580.3 KB)
BookStandE-C.c2d (139.7 KB)


Nice work! How does it transform into a book cart - sits on a trolley?

Also I’ve been doing similar work with ply etc and found a bolt style called demon bolts, also called Joint Connector Bolts. If you flipped the bolt around and machined a recess for the head it would give a flush and professional finish on the outside panel. Just a thought.



Love the hardware recommendation. I was just using what I had on hand due to impatience.

These don’t transform into a cart. I designed the cart and then decided to create a single shelf to test all the tolerances. She liked the shelf idea better so we evolved that design into what it is now.

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Travis, my local electronics surplus store had these 10 per $ so I got a whole pile.![image|281x500]



Reworked the design and will post the revised files at some point. Just a bit more aestheticly pleasing and incorporating standard hardware.