Boolean Explaination

I was trying to design something using Boolean. I was trying to add a 2 inch diameter circle and have only the bottom half join with the existing L shape piece. I tried selection the two objects in different orders and with Boolean with all three options. Eventually I got the desired effect but still dont know how I actually did it. I just kept using different combinations of which object was selected first and second but I did notice that if the operation did not do what I was trying to do I would use CNTL Z to reverse out and the objects would swap position from first selected to second selected.

I looked at the Shapeoko WIKI and on this forum and the explanations of Boolean are not very complete. Does anyone have a write up or tutorial of how to use the Boolean Add, Subtract and Union function. I am on the current CC 4.64.

Please see:



Thanks Will, I will look at your links.

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