Boolean help or maybe not

I am trying to keep the hexagons inside the circle and eliminate everything outside of it. Can anyone help me with that? Seems like it should be a boolean command in my head but nothing is working for me. Thanks in advance.

You have to duplicate the circle for each hexagon which it crosses, or use the Trim Vector tool (but you’d need to duplicate it for alternating).

Just repeat for each, or use the Trim Vectors tool:

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That makes sense, thanks so much Will!

Just click on what you don’t want:

until you arrive at:

at which point you can Join Vectors:

Again, repeat until everything is done.

Eventually one arrives at:

hexagons in circle

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It took me quite a while to draw up and align the hexagons, how did you do it so quickly Will?

There is a Carbide Create Video that covers this topic as well. This starts about 50 minutes into it before they get to this part.

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The nodes of the hexagon snap, and one can double things up by copying, pasting, dragging into alignment, then repeating.

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If you make 2 boxes with the circle subtracted from them, then use those to do a subtract it will do it.
Select the hexes, then the box last, then select subtract.


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