Bowl Bit White Side 1372

Hi all.
Can anyone share their set up for adding a white side bowl bit 1372.
I think I go it right but wanted to x2 check. Thanks all!.

This geometry isn’t directly supported in Carbide Create — the 3D preview won’t be correct.

Actual feeds and speeds will need to be test in scrap.

Understood. I am just checking to see if I actually added the tool correctly?

Circular Tray w Triangles.c2d (123.5 KB)
Circular Tray w (447.7 KB)
I used that bit to make this tray out of bubinga. Pretty hard wood! I asked Andy Bird, and he made some suggestions. He has a great video on using the bit in black walnut.

I attached the file and the tool paths so you can see where I started. As it was running I played around with the feed rate in CM and also changed the rpm on the router a bit up and down to see if I could reduce chatter. Not sure that I finally settled on a setting that I liked best but I probably won’t use bubinga again anyway! The key is roughing and then finishing in two steps. The finishing passes with a small stepover leave a pretty clean surface that needed little or no sanding.

Good luck!

Thank you so much! This is so helpful. I have been watching a bunch of AndyBirds YouTube!

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