Box top clearnace

I have designed a box, not the hinge typed, but rather the a pull-off and push-on type, the top is female and the bottom is male. The one thing I am lacking is the clearance needed between the top (female) and bottom (male). Does anyone have any experience with this that could recommend something (in inch [decimal]settings, please).


My suggestion is to cut the top, then cut it free and post-process it, then cut the bottom out of a second piece, leaving the lid fitment intentionally greater than the ideal by at least the chip size *2, then leaving the bottom in place, measure it after cutting and compare against the internal measure of the lid — create a file just to cut around the lip and test fit again, repeating to sneak up on the measurement.

How much of a difference one needs varies based on material and proportions.

There are some notes at:

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Am wondering if you can take a look at this file and tell me if I have a problem. There are two pieces and when you look at the tool path on your left, you will note the corners of the path where the tabs are attached there is both a blue and a black line (sorry I don’t know the technical terms). Next, if you look at the part to your right you will see a similar issue with the corners. Does this indicate some sort of a problem with the finished product? Feel free to make any changes since I still have the original file.


4.76 x 3.0 Wood Box.c2d (39.7 KB)

I highly recommend taking a look at this thread/video series on box making that @45rpm put together. It is very thorough and easy to follow along with.


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