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Okay…my brain took a vacation and I cannot understand what I am doing wrong. It seems that if I neglect doing something on a daily basis, it is quickly forgotten. I am attempting to create a print block. I managed to remember to mirror the text and saved it as a .gif file, but cannot figure out how to import it into CC. Please help a forgetful old man…

Probably the problem here is that Carbide Create won’t import text — convert the type to paths before importing.

Alternately, you have a pixel image (a .gif) and Carbide Create only imports BMP, PNG, and JPG files.

@WillAdams can you walk me through that (yet, one more time please)?

Please let us know what tool you made that image in and what export options it affords.

@WillAdams I just used the text tool in MS Paint. I used the SimSun font and then flipped the image and saved as a .gif file. I had tried using a .bmp extension, but that wouldn’t load in CC.

Please set the text in a tool which will preserve it as vectors and not convert it into pixels.

Carbide Create won’t open a .gif file either — it will place a .bmp on the background for re-drawing.

You can use any vector editor such as Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator or Serif’s Affinity Designer.

Set the text, then convert to paths — in Inkscape the command for that is: Path | Object to Path

To understand the difference between pixel and vector file formats please see:

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Here’s an svg of your image so you can import it into CC