Brand new shapeoko 3? xxl. for sale cheap, kidney failure

Hello guys,
My name is Steve. I live in Salisbury NC. I have been sick for years. About 2 years ago i decided i needed something to to break up the days. Bought a machine, assembled it, sickness bacame worse. I am now end stage renal disease. I have never used this machine. It is more important to my family to pay off debts, pay bills, and be in the best financial condition for the future. Anyone can look at the maching and see it is pristine. It is assembled in the shop for viewing. Naturally you would need to pick it up. As I cannot move it myself you would need to bring help. Thanks for your time…

EDIT: Personal e-mail address removed out of privacy considerations

Very sorry to hear about these health issues.

I’ve removed you personal e-mail address — we as that folks contact using personal messages for such transactions — if there’s someone who is interested but doesn’t have permission to PM, post here and we’ll upgrade your account.

@sdulin I would suggest also listing this on the Facebook group:

and Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist might work (please use suitable precautions)

I am very sorry to hear about your health issues. I’d be open to purchasing your CNC and donating it to a local trade school in your area. I sent you a PM.


Hey Ken, I spent much time in the hospital during September and may not have gotten back quickly enough. My apologies, please email me at if you are still interested in the machine.

Cordially, Steve

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If you are still planning to do this and can find a worthy home for the machine I would be willing to kick in a few bucks for the cause.

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Absolutely. I will reach out to @sdulin tonight.

I’ll touch base this evening.

I sent you an email. Let me know how you want to proceed.

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