Brand new Shapeoko 5 Pro Y home always triggered

During initial setup, homes 3 times to z, moves to x home, and stays until moved back to Y home. When it hits Y home errored out. saying cannot move off home switches. Got this behavior several times now Y home will not go off even when gantry moved forward away from Y home. Using metal I tested switches. X, Z, and Bitsetter switches show LED with metal touching them and shows triggered in carbide motion. Y Home and Y2 Home LED responds to metal but carbide motion does register the trigger. After a few tests, Y2 will trigger in Carbide motion and not untrigger unless completely shutdown.

I have unconnected and reconnected every connector restarted several times. tried adjusting switch positions nothing causes the problem to go away. cannot get past initial setup.

Send photos showing the connectors to and we will work out how to handle this.

Ok it will be later after work

I have a new wiring harness on the way but based on the issues, I have a hard time believing that’s going to be the solution. So I came back from work this weekend and decided to do some more troubleshooting. now I can intermittently get the machine to run through the initialization. I even got it to go all the way through the initial machine setup once. But now nothing I do has any effect on the VFD even when I can get the machine to go through the initialization. It won’t turn on or anything. I have a feeling this might be an issue in the control box/board not the wiring. Since the y limit switches will not trigger untrigger once triggered without a shutdown of power. This sounds like something besides wiring especially now that I know the VFD will not respond to commands.

M3S10000 has no effect, nor does the spindle on-off button in carbide motion. I have pushed the enable button on the VFD power box. Light on or off doesn’t matter. That wiring is not part of the harness so this leads me more to think the issue is not with the wiring harness. I understand that you guys will do everything to make this right and get me up and running, but I paid a lot of money, and all I have is a paperweight right now and it’s frustrating.

Please let us know about these specifics at and we will escalate your ticket to someone w/ experience w/ the electronics and VFD.