Brand new to cnc and looking to buy

Sorry sometimes I only scan posts. Work holding has a lot of options. Some use the painters tape and super glue. Others use the tall clamps. I like cam clamps made out of oak. There are the Tiger Claw clamps and stops from Carbide3d and the Gator clamps. Suckit made the oops low profile clamps. Plus there are many more commercial clamps. I like low profile clamps to keep retract height low.

These were designed by Myers Woodshop.

I use a spoilboard with 2 inch spacing with 1/4-20 5/16 inch tee nuts.


btw many posts about clamping don’t talk about it… but if you use downcut endmills (as opposed to the typical upcut) your work holding solution has less to do… the endmill ends up pushing the work down rather than pulling it up, which means you don’t quite need as sturdy a solution…


Hello Chris,
I am brand new to CNC and after a couple of false starts with other machines, I settled on an SO3. It was the best decision I have made with regard to CNC machines and knowledge. The help available from the Carbide 3D staff and the forum members has been exceptional and you will be certain of help with any issues you may find yourself dealing with.

The machines are easy to use and building one from the kit is a great learning experience, assisted by the assembly guide. @Julien has written an e-book that is essential reading and @WillAdams, @fenrus and @LiamN will keep you on the straight and narrow. The forum is very active and the support from the Carbide 3D team and the forum membership is second to none. I have learned a great deal in as short a time as possible because of the assistance I have received here and because of my daily reading of the latest forum issues.


I pushed the buy button last Monday. I am currently in the middle of my build and should have it completed today. I am quite excited for my journey. The support on the forums and through the Facebook pages are completely top notch. The build had me slightly intimidated, and thus far has been quite easy. The instruction manual is very well written and doesn’t make it hard at all.


Yep, it is a great journey. Take it slow, ask if you are unsure and all will be well. That first test was a magical mom. running the initial hello world file with a sharpie. I still have that grin on my face.


Whoops! Phone editing when signal dropped.

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