Brass watch dials?

Would the nomad be suitable for producing brass watch dials? They will be 0.4mm brass cut into 30mm discs. I have attached an example of the detail I am looking for, which was made using a 40w fibre laser.
Any advice is appreciated!

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The nomad can certainly handle brass without much issue. It’s also quite precise. It may take a bit of time to run a disk, since you have a lot of tiny details there. You’ll need a smaller endmill to get into those finer parts, and those smaller endmills can’t handle as much. The Nomad supports tool changes so you can use a larger bit to hog out most of the material and the smaller bit to get the fine details.

I highly recommend you check out a few of the videos Winston Moy has put out on the carbide 3d channel.


Additional resource to get a feel of the smallest detail you can reasonably get from a Nomad:


And even if it is not fully relevant to your question, check out this wonderful thread on watchmaking on a Shapeoko by master @RichCournoyer. You should be able to draw some conclusions on making parts for watches on the Nomad, which is more precise than the Shapeoko.


Thank you everyone for the replies!

The example I posted above is far more complex than the standard dials I plan on making. If you’re interested, google ‘sandwich dial’ to see what I have in mind.

I am also planning on using other materials such as mokume gane which also sounds like a piece of cake for the nomad.

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For cutting mokume gane please see:

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