Breaking up tool path

Im relatively new at this and have ran i to a large problem. I am making 3d carvings and my finishing tool path files are to large for carbide motion to process. I need advice on how best to break the files up. I have vetric aspire and have used the tile function but it causes me to reset the starting point or move the project to the original starting point. What can i do?

Not familiar with Aspire, but you should be able to break up the files (they’re just text) by editing them:

  • open up the G-Code file in a text editor
  • identify the preamble and copy it (see )
  • go to the point where you’d like to divide things
  • scroll up from there until you find a move down from safety height
  • delete everything from the line above that line to the beginning of the file
  • paste in the preamble at the beginning
  • save under a new name

That said, it would probably be better to use a comm / control program which can handle these files, or optimize your toolpaths so as to make the files a more reasonable size. See: for options for the former. For the latter check in w/ Vectric — if the files can’t be improved, if you can share them, please send one in to and we’ll try to have them added to our test suite.

Another option- I downloaded gcode ripper. Which is freeware. Open your file in there, split your file into two. (Black & white) Then rename the file type it saves to .gcode. I had to delete the fourth line from the file it saved (open in notepad). After this is runs no problem.

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Thank you guys for the advice i will take advantage of these options asap and report back in this forum

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