Bring Back the Rapid 'Home' Button

Bring back the quick ‘home’ functionality to Carbide Motion for one-click homing initialization without having to power cycle the machine.


I totally agree, add it back to the same page as all the other ‘Jog’ commands!!

You can home without power-cycling by going to MDI and typing “$H” and clicking send (or pressing enter on a windows system), but it still is more error prone and disruptive than clicking a dedicated button on the ‘Jog’ page…

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I second that. I know I can just “$h” but a button would be so much more user friendly. Can we? Can we? Please?

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I use a Fusion5 tablet to run Carbide Motion so typing any commands in MDI is a pain! Buttons are all the rage since 1980. :smiley:

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It is really hard to type $h with my mouse, I vote to bring back the button.

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Yep, me too please! :+1:

Ok, now help out the programmers and tell them when to disable that homing button.

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That’s easy – they just need to add it to the ‘Jog’ window… IMO, at least.

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I’ve learned to live without it. But I’m all in for bringing it back.

I am curious as to why would you need to disable it?

Steve, I wouldn’t need it disabled, but C3D is always cautious about things that shouldn’t be available.


Why would the homing cycle be something that shouldn’t be available as a button? It used to be a button, now it isn’t. I had assumed it was an oversight in redesigning the UI, as though they simply forgot to code it back in. Why would you think not including the button is risk-averse decision by C3D?

What makes the homing cycle button any different from the risk inherent in having ANY rapid position button? If there is risk for accidents in having a button go to home (Homing cycle), why have buttons that go anywhere at all (i.e. any location on the ‘Rapid Position’ page)?

If anything a homing cycle button is more safe because it retracts the Z-axis before moving to home, and eliminates missed clicks or mis-typing in the MDI box. And it is more useful than a simple rapid because it allows the user to know the machines location is accurate before starting the remaining phases of shaping a workpiece.

Are you not reading my last post on purpose? :smiley:

Yeah, this was the part of interest from your post. When one person says that another person is “cautious about things that shouldn’t be available”, a logical question to ask would be ‘what is the risk that I am unaware of?’ or 'why do they think some things shouldn’t be available, what is the potential harm?..

If you don’t know, that is fine, but don’t make an unsupported claim.

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I agree :+1:, that would be nice. Or you could just make some blank buttons that we could create and name our selves the way LightBurn software does.

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Do yourself a HUGE favor and get one of the mini Rii keypads. They are cheap and a lifesaver for tablets. :slight_smile:

I’ve been using a Lenovo ThinkPad Compact USB Keyboard with TrackPoint which for folks who find Trackpoints workable is about as good as it gets (though I’m considering getting a mechanical keyboard which has a TrackPoint).

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I would be in favour of this change but while we are about it why don’t we give users the option of changing the home position. Personally, I would much prefer a home position in the front of the machine rather than right at the back. Most if not all of our work is done at the front and it just wastes time to have to home the machine to the back and then bring it forward again to cut your project

Can somebody educate me as to why it was removed?

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“Home” refers to a specific machine position that everything else is referenced to. It needs to be at the positron all the home switches trigger at. A user defined position specific to our needs would be cool though. You can use the rapid screen and there is a center font position there.