Bug in Carbide Create with Flip Vertical

Step 1: Make a 3 sided polygon

Step 2: Rotate 90 degrees

Step 3: Make three circles going from corners to midpoints and then group. The grouping is optional but I figured I would try the group to see if it would bypass the bug.

Step 4: Mirror Vertical

Step 5+: Mirror Vertical a few more times and observe the triangle getting further and further away

M1 Mac MacOS 13.4
Build 756, Built on: 2023-03-15 - Free Edition

If you use the transform scale tool on the triangle the bug does not manifest but… You lose the ability to snap to the mid point.

I get the same results flipping the group horizontally with three different size circles.

MacBook Pro running 12.6.6
CC 757 Pro

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It seems to happen with odd number polygons not even numbered ones.

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I noticed that too. I tried a hexagon just to do something different, worked fine

In an odd sided polygon, the geometric center & polygonal center are different.
If the algorithm mirrors the position of the polygon based on it’s geometric center, then flips it based on the polygon center (or vice versa), then it won’t end up in the correct position.


That totally makes sense but I will expect the center to be based on the grouped objects and not allow the shapes to move in relation to each other. And what’s interesting is when you use the transform tool on the polygon the issue goes away as noted.


Don’t make this an argument about what center means - because there will be valid reasons for both definitions. The DEFECT is that Flip vertical/horizontal should not move whatever center is chosen relative to the objects flipped and the design…so if you flip it back, it OUGHT to go right back to where it was - design unchanged. Consistency and predictability are the goals.


Sore-ee! (That’s “sorry” in Canadian) :smiley:

I wasn’t trying to argue, only to offer an explanation as to why it might be happening.
It is certainly a bug, and should work as buzz & Gary described.


Not upset at all :-D. No need to be sorry. Its helpful to have the context!

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