Bug Report CC-464

Reproducible. If a .c2d file is being opened by double-clicking it in File Explorer (Windows 10), the display doesn’t properly initializes itself (my laptop has 2560x1440 resolution, with 125% scale).

Note the version # half-way up, and a zoom in on my drawing ends seemingly at 1/4 of the total image.
This fixes itself if I modify the settings of the display. If the Carbide-Create is started through the start menu, it comes up fine.

Same on 467 with me as well. It took me a while to figure out when it happens… Once you get in this state the only way to correct it is to close CC and start again. (By clicking on the CC icon, not a c2d file)

This happens on both my desktop and laptop. Both on Win 10.

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Found a work-around. Just double-click the top bar to take it out of maximised view, then double-click the bar again to put it back into maximised. Now it uses the whole screen.


Eric, yes, you are correct. That works for me as well (or the Full screen, not full screen button in the upper right corner which does the same thing)… Minimizing and bring back does not restore the complete screen, opening up another C2D file does not restore the screen…

Not a huge deal, but something that should get fixed at some point.