Bug Reports and Text editing help request

Hey -

Few questions and comments,

1st, is there a place to report bug reports?
I usually get a bug splat screen fairly often for random reason - but recently I was able to reproduce one. Using the pro trial, I attempted to make a entry ramp greater than 45 degrees - essentially i wanted to have a long ramp vs spirals so I was experimenting. Every time i entered an entry ramp more than 45 degrees, CC crashed. I don’t have the pro trial anymore so I can not post much more information on that.

2nd - I am having an issue in the attached file. I usually design on one computer and cut using another computer. But before I cut I double check on the CC for that computer. That computer is fairly old and doesn’t have the same font package so any time I have text that isn’t converted to curves, the fonts are changed to default. Annoying, but no worries - I’ll update fonts to curves. However each time I double click any of the fonts in the attached file, a new text string pops up, and I am unable to edit the original font. What am I doing wrong?

3rd - Since I’m uploading this file, any comments on it?

AKsDen.c2d (244 KB)

One thing I noticed is if you have multiple text objects grouped, and double click, it brings up the new text instead of, well, I’m not sure what the right behaviour would be for multiple text objects - maybe do nothing at all?

Once I ungrouped things it seems to work as expected.

Yeah! I literally just realized that as well, I forgot I had multiple groups there.

I’m not sure what the default should be for grouped text but it would be nice to edit all of them at once.


  1. Bugsplat does report the bug — fill in the information and it will go straight to the folks who review such.

  2. Once ungrouped things seem to work fine.

  3. Use an apostrophe, ’, not a computer stick quote ':

Wow I never knew that the apostrophe had its own symbol!

I’m running into another problem now when I do the cuts.

It appears that when the bit passes the bridge on the A, the output side (right lower leg of the A) gets cut alot thicker than the top part…

What could be causing this?

Please post the file and let us know the specifics of how you are setting origin relative to the stock and we will look into this with you.

Its the same file as above - attempted tweaking the feeds/speeds to make it cleaner but no luck.
AKsDen.c2d (212 KB)

(ended sticking with the quote ’ look!)

I’ve cut out 3 of these boards so far. Noticed they all had the same issue afterwards. The are all zeroed to the same spot with a series of dowels and work holding pulling them into a preset corner. After they are set in the corner they are fastened down using the green clamps which come with the shapeoko.

Edit - Adding more detail:

I made a series of holes in a different file to set some dowels into the hybrid table. I place these dowels in, push the board up against set dowels, tighten the board down, remove the dowels. The zero is almost always the same but always checked/tweaked.
Each board is planed to the the same thickness beforehand. Clamps are placed strategically to remove any bow. The work space in the file, is the size of the stock.

Since the preview of the file doesn’t show this,

and a preview of the G-code in a 3rd party tool:

doesn’t either, the problem would seem to be mechanical:

  • tram the MDF filler strips and the machine
  • verify that the machine is mechanically sound per the machine operating checklist
  • make sure that all electrical connections and wiring are secure and in good condition
  • make sure that the stock is of consistent thickness

I’ll definitely double check everything mechanically. But this feature is appearing at the same spot on each A. It just noticed it appearing on other letters as well. Seems to be anywhere there’s a vector change.

Which eluded to be believing it could be a software issue. Nonetheless, I’ll do a system check as well.

Top corner of the I as well as the vertex of the K.

Follow on question - I’m not sure what you mean by tramming the machine filler strips.

Is this the same as surfacing the MDF spoilboard on the hybrid table?

You can see a slight discontinuity on the 3D preview if you look for it.

I would suggest running a full-depth clean up pass — hopefully that would tidy things up and no make that section worse.

Yes, “tramming machine filler strips” == “surfacing MDF spoilboard”

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