Bug splat app crash

I had this appear four times today while running projects. Each time I had to restart the project. I deleted the prior version of Carbide Motion and installed 570. We’ll see what happens. BTW, is there any way to pick up where you left off in a project when this kind of thing happens?

Scott H

Carbide would like us to fill out the info and send to them. This will help them finger out issues

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I did fill it out and send to them. They cant fix anything if nobody tells them what the issues are, if any.


There isn’t a direct way to restart a file — all that you can do, is if it has multiple toolpaths, delete the ones which were completely cut and re-save the file and send the version which has only the needed toolpaths.

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Thats a great idea, ty.

Disabling the tool path may also be an option, if you plan to cut the project again later. However, if something in the individual tool path caused an issue, deleting may be the better option.

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Bugsplat visited my latest project today. It was to be a gift to a great friend of mine who is a disabled 82nd Airborne Ranger who served his country during a time of war. It was the AA Ranger insinia. When the cut began again, well lets just say i had to start over.

I hope i can get this figured out with support tomorrow.