Bugsplat is not my friend

Does anyone know what causes the programs to crash (both Carbide Create Pro and Carbide Motion)? It seems that it’s happening more often now than ever. Maybe the files are too complex? Whenever it shows up I have to start all over from the start in Carbide Motion and in Carbide Create Pro I have to start off from the last saved file ( I have gotten good at saving every step of the way because of the crashes). I use a brand new (not even a year old) laptop in the shop to run Carbide Motion so I’m not sure why that crashes. I do send the reports in when bugsplat pops up but never see any reports back. I’m beginning to lose faith in the software. It’s funny that I always initial the machine, set the zero spot, load the program and then run it with the tool change and zero out of the bit and it usually runs fine. When it’s done and I have to make any adjustments in a tool path and reload the adjusted program…crash! Then I have to reinitialize and reload adjusted file and run with it resetting bit heigth. That seems to be the crashes with Carbide Motion (I should keep a log but …). When I’m designing something in Carbide Create it seems like 9 out of 10 times it’s when I go to show the simulation, it crashes then. I always hold my breath that it will work. It’s a gamble. Any thoughts?

What are the specs of the computer you are using for create and motion?
Are you using the latest version of create and motion?

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If you have a file or a procedure which consistently causes a repeatable crash, send it in to support@carbide3d.com and we will do our best to look into this and pass it on to the developer.

The computer that I use Carbide Create Pro on is:
Intel Core i7 377OS CPU@3.10 GHz Ram 12.0 GB 64 bit OS Windows 10 Home
Carbide Create is Build 754 (3-5-23) 64 bit build.
Carbide Motion is Build 575 (11-17-22)

Check and see if there is an updated video driver, or an option to tie a program to a particular video card.

Great Will, I’ll try and do that. It seems like its daily so they’ll get sick of hearing from me. He, he.

I was looking at updating the video driver for the Intel 4000 graphics driver for Windows 10 just now and it says that the computer doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for the update. Ha. That might be the reason for the crashes in Carbide Create Pro. I’ve got a more powerful computer that I dedicate to flight sim that I will try using for awhile to see if that eliminates the design crashes.

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Over time C3D has had a few versions that had problems but it has been some time and usually beta versions. I am on the forum almost daily and there are a few instances of crashes of CC and/or CM but not very much. Unfortunately since you are getting them often it is like something in your environment.

In the Windows OS they by default save your kernel state when shutting down and load it back when you power back up. So there are options to not save the kernel state when shutting down. There is not much downside to not saving the kernel state and it takes a few seconds longer to boot up but you get a new clean kernel state every time you power on. The reason I bring this up if the kernel has an error in the kernel file it keeps propagating every time you power up. Google the kernel state and the instructions are very simple I just cannot remember them right now. I would try that before you get too crazy with updates and so on but updates in the middle of a problem usually only complicate fixing a problem. If you change something change one thing at a time instead of a shotgun approach.

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I found your crash reports, and it does seem to be crashing in the video driver. We’re not quite sure what changed in the OS (we haven’t changed rendering code in a long time so we don’t think it’s us) but there’s been an uptick in video driver crashes lately. Most of the tickets I’ve seen have been fixed with an updated driver.


I use the free Carbide Create Ver 576 on 3 computers. While I have had no lockup issues on the computers that I actively draw/design on, the HP Victus Laptop I use on the Pro 5 will lock up under active use. This has not been a big problem since I only use Carbide Create for mid-course edits/corrections while cutting so have experienced lockups infrequently. However, before I added memory, it crashed all the time. I installed the latest driver for the GPU with no difference in the operation. As I mentioned, not a big deal for me, so have not requested support. Here are the specs on the PC.

|HP Victus Laptop||
|Processor Model|Intel 12th Generation Core i5|
|Processor Model Number|12450H|
|Processor Speed (up to)|4.4 gigahertz|
|Storage Type|SSD|
|Total Storage Capacity|512 gigabytes|
|Solid State Drive Capacity|512 gigabytes|
|System Memory (RAM)|16 gigabytes|
|Graphics|NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650|
|Operating System|Windows 11 Home|

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