Build Competitions?

Hopefully this is the right sub. Have you guys ever had a build competition? For like best fidget, or most ironic sign? Have a specific criteria and timeline. Then have people post and vote?


Any body interested in a weekly Build competition?

The “heart” feature in the forum could be an easy vote system.

Its Valentines Day soon, How about LOVE signs or anything Valentine=ish?

@swiftmas Feel free to start a _____ Competition Post in the Gallery section.

Although they would be picture submissions and not tutorials, It would probably keep the thread clean if every submission included rough project details:
A) Materials
B) Cutters
C) Design software
D) Machine
…And any additional details I would think would help earn votes from the Community:
E) Work-holding
F) Finishing
G) Sourcing of supplies is often very helpful.


Always up for a build competition and enjoyed entering the CNC competition on but those are quite hard to have frequently as they have a long duration. A weekly competition section on this forum would be pretty sweet :slight_smile:

@ApolloCrowe @Jorge @robgrz do you think C3D might be interested in offering some small prizes for the winners?


Awesome! Yeah having some short fun competitions would be awesome! I’ll write one up and post it to gallery soon. I was stoked on starting one, then everyone at my house got sick over the weekend :mask: :mask: :mask:

Can we still do some sort of weekly Competition in between the big monthly.Mabie scrap challenges or pallet challenges?

Absolutely- we’ll provide the prizes.

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I should have the first weekly ready to start tomorrow,ill post a new topic for it soon.