Build Competitions?

(Collin Hamel) #1

Hopefully this is the right sub. Have you guys ever had a build competition? For like best fidget, or most ironic sign? Have a specific criteria and timeline. Then have people post and vote?

(Apollo Crowe) #2

Any body interested in a weekly Build competition?

The “heart” feature in the forum could be an easy vote system.

Its Valentines Day soon, How about LOVE signs or anything Valentine=ish?

@swiftmas Feel free to start a _____ Competition Post in the Gallery section.

Although they would be picture submissions and not tutorials, It would probably keep the thread clean if every submission included rough project details:
A) Materials
B) Cutters
C) Design software
D) Machine
…And any additional details I would think would help earn votes from the Community:
E) Work-holding
F) Finishing
G) Sourcing of supplies is often very helpful.


Always up for a build competition and enjoyed entering the CNC competition on but those are quite hard to have frequently as they have a long duration. A weekly competition section on this forum would be pretty sweet :slight_smile:

(Joshua Hume) #4

@ApolloCrowe @Jorge @robgrz do you think C3D might be interested in offering some small prizes for the winners?

(Collin Hamel) #5

Awesome! Yeah having some short fun competitions would be awesome! I’ll write one up and post it to gallery soon. I was stoked on starting one, then everyone at my house got sick over the weekend :mask: :mask: :mask:

(mark robinson) #6

Can we still do some sort of weekly Competition in between the big monthly.Mabie scrap challenges or pallet challenges?

(Rob Grzesek) #7

Absolutely- we’ll provide the prizes.

(mark robinson) #8

I should have the first weekly ready to start tomorrow,ill post a new topic for it soon.