Building a camera and need a part made

When I bought my Nomad about two years ago, I always had the urge to build a camera. I have started down that path. I have taken apart an old Mamiya Press camera and have used some parts to build a custom, smaller camera to carry around. I am almost done with the basics and need to mill the body. My Nomad can’t handle the piece because it needs to be almost 1.75" deep. Also, my Nomad is out of commission until I get some replacement part I ordered.
Anyone interested in helping me?. I have the body modeled and all paths generated to mill it. I would love some hardwood with beautiful grain. I think someone with a Shaepoko?. I’m willing to pay of course. Here is a picture of what I need:

It will change slightly as I’m still making revisions. Mostly the diameter of the holes in the corners. Its approximate dimensions are 125mm x 125mm x 43mm. I am in NY area so I’d love someone close by if possible but I’m open to anyone, anywhere. PM me if interested.

I wouldn’t expect that part to last very long before breaking along the end grain. I wouldn’t use wood for a shape like this.

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Thank you @Punkinhead. I was merely playing with aesthetics. Thanks for your comment and will take it into consideration. This part might end up being just a cosmetic shell. If it ends up being structural, I might need to make this part out of aluminum. Still considering various options.

You know what might work is to either glue up a block of 3/4” Baltic birch plywood or glue up a block of hardwood slices, alternating end grains, maybe different species. You will want species with very tight grains.
Check these guys out.

The Baltic birch ply actually looks quite nice once sanded and finished. I’ve made a number of parts from BB very similar to what you have for various quad copter components.


Great resource. Thank you. I had thought of slicing the body and gluing the parts. It would be the only way I can mill it myself with my Nomad.

Good idea, just keep in mind it’s difficult to precisely align and glue items like this, clamping pressure will probably cause some skew.
I would slightly oversize the parts to be glued then file/sand to final size following glue up. A bit of work as opposed to cutting the whole part but a good opportunity for some pride in workmanship.

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Someone had already advised me on this issue when gluing. I am thinking of using registration pins to keep pieces aligned as much as possible when gluing. Still hoping I can mill this in one piece, though. The body being light tight is of utmost importance and a single body seems like a better choice.

My XxL is down for a couple of weeks until I finish the laser guarding enclosure but I can 3D print it in multi color or material in a pattern or rings

Pretty sure this can be made as a two sided job on the Nomad, I’d be happy to try.

As for breaking, the thing is, you have to consider the usage. If you’re planning to really slam this thing around, i.e. use it for heavy, run and gun type doc filming in the rain and all over the world, then yeah, aluminum or B.B. plywood will save you some heartache. But if you just want a nice looking camera, that you have to be careful with (you know, like any regular camera) wood is probably fine. Get some lingum vitae (not sure I’ve spelled that right), Ipe, or even just white oak, it should be good. If you’re worried, coat the inside with epoxy for added strength.

You could also make the sides that are cross-grain thinner, and then glue a piece of metal in there to reinforce them, though obviously there may be tolerance issues, depending on how precise you need it to be.

At any rate, send me the file and I’ll gladly mill it!


Hey Joshua!!!. Let’s get together to talk about it.?. How is next week for you?.

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