Building a dedicated shop for XXL

Hello, I ordered my XXL during the black friday special and starting building my shop. I went as big as I could to still be a “shed” under the definition of the city building code. I have zero professional carpentry experience and I just know enough to be dangerous! So, I’ll gladly accept any advice or comments about the construction.

The entire shop will be encapsulated in Rockwool Safe 'N Sound insulation for acoustic dampening, and fireproofing. I built an entire second “floating floor” over the subfloor so that I could put insulation under the floor to try and dampen the noise. I plan on also building the XXL into it’s own air-tight enclosure when this is all said and done. I also have a Glowforge laser cutter that will be housed in this shop. So possibly could build a partition that both machines could reside inside.

I have used the pass-through slot on the Glowforge a few times and I’m building the shop in a way that I can use a portable (Bora) in-feed/out-feed roller assembly to move large pieces into the front of the Glowforge and out the back. Is anyone using their XXL to do ‘large’ pieces where they might put 1/3 of the wood on the bed, then push more of it through? I haven’t seen anyone mention this, and I’m wondering if its even feasible.

I just wondered if anybody had any advice/comments about building a dedicated space. I’m at the point now that I can still make construction changes. My XXL arrived 2 days ago so now I’m really chompin’ at the bit to get this shop finished and start carving!


My recommendation would be to not put it in a corner. Being able to get to all sides for maintenance and doing tiled jobs is a luxury I wish I had.

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or build the table with casters that lock and prevent swivel. getting around it is great for maintenance and allows for ability to hang material off bed in either direction if needed.

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I totally agree with the mobility thing. I put my XXL table on locking casters and I’ve been very happy with it so far! Side note… I think we should all agree that Tony wins the award for the best “enclosure” design. I’ve seen some big XXL enclosure designs but he can fit himself AND a Glowforge inside his! Kudos to you Tony! I honestly wish my neighborhood HOA would allow me to build a “shed / workshop” in my back yard. :wink:



Those stands for the machines are both on casters; hard to tell from the screenshot. Was going to use the costco/Home Depot stainless steel storage racks, just not using the “top half”. So would be 3ft off the ground.

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Looking very snazzy.

Thanks. All of the exterior is finally finished so I’m working on the inside now.

Don’t know how accurate the drawing of the xxl table is, but be aware that you’ll need something very sturdy to put it on (this may be different from a laser cutter). There can be lots of forces involved when using your xxl. Just sayin’.

Thanks. I was thinking about using a couple of 36" solid wood doors that my neighbor gave me. They’re from the 40’s, they’re super-solid and already have 100 coats of paint! haha

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