Built a clamp for a HTS Nomad Bed

Built this clamp for a High Tech Systems sea-of-holes bed. Lets me use the full width of the bed for smaller parts because it can hang off the side of the bed. This one works well on the left side of the bed, and I use cams from the other two sides.

This is about 3/8 inch thick so that I have room to put a sacrificial piece of 1/8" hardboard under a part and still clamp the work.


This is great. If you don’t mind, can you please post a photo of it in use, hanging off the bed? I can’t quite picture how it would work…

Taken this morning. Didn’t have a piece of stock at hand that went all the way to the right, but you get the idea. Made longer, there’s about 3-4 inches of space on the left that could be used. I like having the positive stop at the end. Clearly, the working envelope doesn’t change, but it lets you hang things off the side into a hard stop and not hit the z-probe on the right side of the table.