Built-in Wine Rack

Wanted to fill a gap above the fridge in our kitchen with something; decided it would be ideal as a wine rack. Here’s the finished product:

Cutting the front side; looks good from the reverse side:

But it’s a classic case of not having a “flat” workspace when I flip it over:

Not a huge problem though; just needs a little more time on cleanup. Once done and trimmed to size, it looks much better:

Cutting the back piece:

This time, much better because I prepared for it:

(ignore the pencil lines; I repurposed this piece of plywood that original had another destiny)

Two pieces connected together using a bunch of 12mm dowels (and by this time I’d painted the front):

Then it’s just a question of slotting it into the gap above the fridge; job done!


Awesome job. That is one of the things I love so much about the CNC. You can make very nice looking cutouts hat are exact in every way and fit things in to perfect dimensions.

Great job and creative solution to a problem.

Awesome job @olly! Looks great.