Bulk endmills, where to buy, or?

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So I just got my machine and managed to smoke 2 of the 3 endmills I ordered(1/32). They cut great, but dropped one and lost the tip, and the other snapped when it hit my t track clamp.

Anyone use anything other than the ones here? Any decent places to buy bulk bits?

Thanks for the info!

(Mad Hatter) #2

I buy from drillman1 pretty much exclusively for anything under 0.25in.

Here is what I have purchased before. A ten pack of 1/32" bits for $37.50.

It’s fun to browse the 2 flute endmill selection and find ones for less than $4.00/ea. I usually buy them 10 at a time because “have them and not need them vs need them and not have them” is so true.

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How are their quality? Any suggestions for roughing bits under .25?

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Drillman1 is good as suggested by @MadHatter. https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ssn=roguesystemsinc&_pgn=2&_skc=50&rt=nc Are another good source for a wide variety of reasonably priced mills.

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As far as the quality, they are all solid carbide, so they stay sharp for a long time, but they are brittle compared to HSS. I have never done machining until I got my SO3, and I was told about drillman1 and have been buying mainly from “him” (since I have no idea who it actually is running the store) but the bits I have purchased:

0.0120, 0.0150
0.0177, 0.0197
0.0236, 0.0276
0.0315, 0.0394
0.0472, 0.0625
0.0630, 0.1250

Have all been just fine. I don’t cut metal, and most of the wood I cut is exotic hardwoods (purpleheart, katalox, wenge, pau ferro, chechen, chakte viga, zebrawood, leopardwood) as well as cherry, and laminated bamboo. The bits last a long time, but sometimes I forget to reduce the cutting depth of the smaller bits and break them off when I try to make a 0.04" deep cut with a 0.0120" bit. Let me tell you, it does not work well at all.

Overall, I like the bits. They last long enough I think I am getting my moneys worth out of them, but if I break them due to “operator head space and timing issues” I don’t feel bad, because it was only like $4.00.

If you want to drill a lot of holes (like for a cribbage board for instance), the solid carbide drills are also a good deal. I can drill ~2,000 holes before the bit gives out. I use the 0.1250" and 0.0781" drill bits mainly for my cribbage boards.

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