Bunch of new endmills arrived today

I picked these up from Drillman1 on eBay. I read about him on a forum and thought I’d give him a shot.

1/4 60* Vbit
.0118 ball end
.0312 ball end
Set of end mills from .0118 to .0591

Excited to give these a try for engraving, and for fine detail work.

For engraving are you going to use a picture / drawing or a 3D model? recently I’ve bought 0.2mm (more or less 1/128’) and 0.5mm (near to 1/48’) endmills to small detail works on acrylics, waiting to arrive from the UK. I’m working with 3D designs not tried yet pictures.


Those look fun :relaxed:

Do you have a 1/4" collet yet for the larger one? I need to pick one up myself!

I do! Picked one up from Carbide3d with a recent material order :smile:

In case you haven’t seen it yet, pretty much the most awesome guide on this stuff I’ve found anywhere.

A few links need updating, but still, super helpful.