Burn Out! Shapeoko 3 XXL

Anybody have this happen before? It’s the connector for the X motor. Where can I get parts? Waiting on a reply from support.

Shapeoko 3 XXL

Typically, a single conductor overheating is a result of a partial connection, (loose pin in the socket or pin not fully inserted into the socket) which increases the resistance, which generates heat and melts the connector.


I wouldn’t wait, and just replace the connector with butt splices, or if you feel that you must have a connector, buy a few pair of connectors to keep on hand when the others start burning out.


Splices are a good idea, thanks!

Get some heat shrink for your splices. Solder joint together if you are capable. However the connectors are there for a reason. In 3 years dont recall anyone having your problem so would not seem wide spread.

Once you get running again check other connectors after running for a bit. Whoever made that connector may have made more on your machine.

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