Butterfly pin clasp advice

I’m just getting into carving brass with my Nomad and I want to try making a pin that someone might attach to a jacket or backpack with a butterfly clasp. Has anybody done this? Any advice for attaching the pin on the back?


I’m debating some form of high-strength epoxy or solder.

Braze the pin on the back?

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So long as the glue is stronger than the pin, a fast setting glue would work- easier and faster than soldering for sure. These pins get stressed and will bend… bending beats breaking off any day!

Can I ask you where to source the pin assemblies from?

Oh I haven’t purchased any assemblies yet. The picture is just an example I found online. I did a search for pin clasp and some companies came up.

I always wondered if a thumb tack on the back would work?

Status update!

I ordered these butterfly clutch tack pins and jewelers epoxy from amazon.

In my design, I bored out a shallow hole on the back for the head of the pin to fit into and provide extra grab for the expoy. Then I just dipped the pinhead in epoxy and placed it in the cavity. I’m very happy with how it came out. I haven’t fully field-tested these yet to see if the epoxy holds throughout the day, but it feels pretty solid.

A tip on placement: do not center the pin on the back (especially if you’re using a heavy material like brass). When wearing it, the weight will pull it downward, making it look droopy. Instead, mount the pin post somewhere between the center and the top so it hangs naturally. I learned this the hard way with my first attempt.