Buy XXL or get the Expansion Pack?

well after a year, its time to upgrade. I should’ve bought the XXL to start.

Would yall but the expansion pack from XL to XXL or just buy an XXL and try and sell my XL? Any other factors to consider besides cost?

$530 for the XXL Expansion pack or $1900 for a new XXL.

How is the resale on an XL with dewalt router?
Can I sell my XL in the Houston Area for at least $1370?

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The machines hold their value well, and we’ll support a second-hand machine as we would an out-of-warranty one, but selling prices are subject to local market and demand — my suggestion would be to try listing the XL on Craigslist and here and on the Unofficial Facebook group and see if it will sell for what you want — worst case is it doesn’t and you buy the XL -> XXL expansion pack.


The expansion kits seems a no brainer to me. The expansion is 1/4 of a new system and you do not need to sell the old one. I have sold a lot of stuff on craigslist but you must remember that some things like the Shapeoko has a very small market. If you decide to put your machine on craigslist list it for what you want and leave a little for negotiating. If you dont get a call on the first day dont despair. You may not have anyone call for a month but the first one may very likely buy it. So dont get in a rush to sell it and hold to your price (within reason).

Now your already have the investment in the things you need and for 1/4 of the price of a new Shapeoko you can have the XXL you want. So dont throw the baby out with the bathwater.


I’ve had my XL for awhile now, and loved it, but found I need more room. Yeah should have gone XXL to start with. I just recently did the expansion pack to the XXL. I couldn’t justify the price of buying a whole new machine, plus a lack of room for two machines. The expansion pack to XXL just made the most sense for me. They are not kidding about everything you need to upgrade, it’s in the box. lol. The only real pain was milling all the holes for my threaded inserts. lol.

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Something to consider is that your old rails have value for someone who wants to expand beyond the XXL size. Some people have expanded to go 4 times the area of the XXL by basically attaching two XXL together on a custom built frame and linking the rails together through the inside and you cannot buy just the extrusions from Carbide 3D.

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I have an XXL. If I had to do it again I would buy the expansion pack so I had the extra rails. I could modify my machine to have a larger bed if I wanted to. I have been trying to get a set of rails but they will not sell them to me. I have to purchase an expansion pack. Don’t really understand this company policy. So, I’m moving on. Millright CNC with a 49" x 49" cutting bed for $5500.

I’m selling my XXL. Six months old, only ever cut PVC. Looks new, not a scratch on it.
Not one mark on my MDF bed. I have the T-track table and the probe as well. $1,400.00

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