Buying and shipping an XXL without a 3/4 MDF table. (Is it possible?)

Hello everybody.

I am about to buy and XXL with (full kit). But i am located outside USA.
So, i was wondering if CARBIDE can sell and ship all its machines without the MDF table. As far as i know it weight a lot and it causes the shipping cost (specially for someone like me who is living outside USA) to be huge.

So, in order to reduce cost, I would like to know if that option is possible? I can buy one near my place without any issue.

I think it can help many users too in my same situation.

Email — another option may be the red Sparkfun version if a local distributor carries it, or can special order it.

Hello. Will. Thanks for your prompt answer.
I am located in Bogotá, Colombia. and i have checked that before and it turns out the only place here is online store. When i try to find out this product, it shows they don’t have it. :disappointed:

So i am going to follow your suggestion and lets see what happens next.