C2D file schema

Since Carbide Create is closed source and those of us with programming chops can’t contribute I was thinking there might be a way we could indirectly add functionality by producing tools the interact with CC by programmatically mutating c2d files. I could see additions like:

generating geometry and toolpaths definitions (not g-code) that
1- effectively create a ramp for entries in contour cuts
2- effectively create helical entries for pockets
3- split up pockets into chunks such that something resembling adaptive clearing could be created (a bunch of circular pockets)
4- produce roughing and finish cuts

The file looks to be a pretty typical json format with a small binary blob at the end. So getting started with this task would be a matter of understanding the structure and schema of the document. Is there any official docs on the file format or has anyone put in effort to reverse engineeer?

No official documentation.

There have been a couple of projects which have written out .c2d files:

The problem is, the file format has been something of a moving target — keeps changing — not sure when the file format will stabilize.

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I will note that the binary on the blob at the end can be discarded w/o issue — it seems to be a 3D preview or something which will automatically be regenerated — deleting it is one of the fixes for files which won’t open.

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