C2d files do not load anymore


I have version create V7, latest version and build 579 of motion. Shapeoko 3.
It seems like either create or motion do smothing wrong with my C2d files.
When I try to load in motion I get the message “Only c2d files from Carbide Create 7are supported”.
When I try to reopen theC2D file in create I get the message “file does not exist anymore” or it opens as emty. File is 532k big. I’m including the file in here.
Anybody had this problem too?
TEST.c2d (532 KB)


Your file opens up fine when I download it:

and it is a v7 file file.

Which version of Carbide Motion are you using?

Please try the beta:

If that doesn’t address this, how are you getting the files to the computer connected to the machine?

Where are you storing the files to begin with?

Are you using Windows or Mac? Any sort of network drive involved?

Hi Will,

I have a WIN10 PC, all the files where saved in the documents map of the sole user of the machine.

I downloaded and installed the beta versions of both motion and create. I remade the file in create beta, loaded it motion beta, and it worked!

Thank you for your help!

Glad you figured it out, I learned something today!

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